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Natural and Organic Products for an Even Healthier Lifestyle
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Farmington Hills, Michigan
Our showroom provides a private, serene atmosphere in which you can experience the comfort, quality, and feel of natural and organic mattresses in person.

We are conveniently located near 14 and Drake in Farmington Hills, only one hour from Toledo, Lansing, and Windsor, 45 minutes from Ann Arbor, and two hours from Grand Rapids.

Please call between 9 AM and
9 PM EST Monday through Saturday to schedule an appointment.
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Organic Mattresses
If you already practice a healthy lifestyle, chances are that you drink purified water, eat organic foods or take other measures to avoid harmful chemicals. Then you might also want to know about a new law that is forcing commercial mattress manufacturers to utilize even more potentially toxic fire-retardant chemicals on the mattresses they manufacture—mattresses on which you or your child may be sleeping each night.
Bed Frame
What better place to put your organic mattress than on a bed frame made with natural and organic materials?
Amish Way of Life
This is not your typical "furniture store" buying experience. We can’t show you pictures of the Amish folks themselves out of respect for their wishes, but other images help convey the beauty, serenity and lure of their rolling farmland community.
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